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Torino, September 8-13, 2013

WTC2013 is the fifth World Tribology Congress, which will take place in Torino, Italy, after the sessions in London (1997), Vienna (2001), Washington DC (2005) and Kyoto (2009). The main objective of these meetings is to provide a unique opportunity of discussion concerning recent progresses in different aspects of tribology and strengthen the linkage between academy and industry.
The World Tribology Congress 2013 is organized by the Italian Tribology Association (AIT).
The Congress consists in scientific sessions, symposia on specific topics, a wide exhibition and various collateral events. Groups of experts will have the chance to share information and get in touch with other groups.
Particular attention will be held to eco-tribology and sustainability. Nowadays these aspects are more and more important both to save energy by means of friction reduction, both to respect the environment.

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There will be other Events organized jointly with WTC 2013:

  • ECOTRIB 2013 - “Tribology of Machine Elements” - as a part of WTC V
  • VIENNANO ’13 - “NanoTechnology” - as a part of WTC V
  • ADDNANO (click here for more information)- The Development and scale-up of innovative nanotechnology-based processes into the value chain of the lubricants market - as a part of WTC V


A joint Event will be organized prior to WTC, September 4-6, 2013, in Lyon, France: